The Award Winning Mizuno Endure24, it’s like Glastonbury for runners, it’s a 24 hour running party in the woods. Free camping for runners, friends, family and support crews. 24 hour catering, showers and massage are available throughout the event weekend. The race village will be full of music and entertainment with live result updates screened throughout the race. Ultra-running has never been this much fun.

Endure24 is a unique event in the running calendar, it mixes serious ultra-running with a 24 hour team relay race. Virtually anyone of any ability level can take part and enjoy a challenging but rewarding weekend of trail running. Our five mile woodland and trail routes are incredibly scenic and end with a loop around the event race village where the awesome support from your fellow runners never stops.

Mizuno Endure24 is all about the teams, run as a pair, small team 3-5 runners or large team 6-8 runners. Over 2700 runners will run as part of a team. There is no need to worry about how fast you are, just complete as many 5 mile laps as you can in 24 hours. Most people will complete 3 – 5 laps, many people will run much further than they ever thought possible. The party starts at 10.00am Friday morning.

Mizuno Endure24 welcomes serious ultra-runners, solo and pairs benefit from their own camping area within the race village close to all the facilities with a dedicated covered support area. Solo ultra-runners get amazing support from the teams. The event record is 135 miles set in 2016 by Paul Beechey and around 15 runners each year join the 100 Mile Club receiving the coveted yellow 100 mile club t-shirts.