Please note – Reading Entries close 4th February other than additional runners which close when we reach 4000 runners est April 2020 but could be sooner.

Leeds solo entries close when we reach 600 which will be before the end of January.

How much is it to enter?

Solo entries are £95 plus 3% booking fee.

Team entries are £72 per person plus 3% booking fee.

Additional Runners are £72 plus 3% booking fee.

We do not refund entry fees. Deferrals are possible by e-mail until one month before race day.

You can transfer an entry to another runner until one month before race day or at the event.

Please note non-running visitors can book shower and flushing toilet passes here

How to add more runners to an existing team – Go to the event entry page for Reading or Leeds and in the bottom right hand corner you will see Add Additional Runner.

Make sure the team name matches your team as this is how we know which team to add them to.

If you add more than 8 runners we will amend the team category to XXL Fun. To enter an XXL Fun team Initially enter a team of any size and then add additional runners individually.

You can enter Endure24 as a solo runner or as a member of a team (links are above).

To run Solo you must be 20 years old, to run as a team member you must be 18 years old, anyone under 20 years old must not exceed 5 laps.

Teams can be made up of between 2 and 12 runners. They can be mixed (at least one runner of the opposite gender) or all male or female.

Initially you can enter a team of any size, once you have entered a team you can always add more runners by using the add an additional runner link. This stops one month before race day but can be done at the registration desk on race day. These runners will be added to your team manually and the team size/gender mix amended for you. You can see the updated teams here.

Note – Added runners do not show in your entry system login.

The person entering the team (the Team Captain) will receive a confirmation e-mail. The e-mail will have a password attached. They can then login to edit the team details at any point until we close the database around a month before race day. You only need the team captains details to enter a team, you can update the team members at a later date if you don’t have all the details.

We will defer places if informed before we close the database. We cannot defer a place once the race packs are completed. Deferral means you get a free entry the following year. If it’s too late to defer you can swap in a runner at the help desk on race day.

Team Sizes – 2 runners are a Pair, 3-5 runners are a Small team, 6 – 8 runners are a Large team, 9 -12 runners is an XXL Fun Team. We award trophies to the first three teams, Male, Female & Mixed in each category other than XXL Fun which is just that, a fun category.

Making changes to a team – The Captain can edit the team, if you lose your password please e-mail us for another one. We cannot enter your team for you from a spreadsheet or e-mail, with over 6000 runners it’s just not possible.

We are always happy to anwser questions by e-mail. Please don’t use social media to message us as it is difficult to keep track of conversations.


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