The UK’s biggest 24 hour relay race

Date: 10th -11th June 2023

Venue: Wasing Park, Reading

Course: 8km lap

Duration: 24 hours

Solo runners head along a gravel trail as the sun sets behind them

Top reasons to join us for HEINEKEN Endure24 Reading:

  • Unique atmosphere: Whether you’re taking part, or you’re on 24 hour support duty, you’ll find everything you need from food concession to bars. A full on festival vibe for 24 hours!
  • The venue: Wasing Park is set within the beautiful Berkshire countryside among 33 acres of luscious grounds.
  • Something for everyone: You can choose to take on the clock yourself or in a relay as part of a team. Raise funds for a charity or get your colleagues involved. The choice is yours!

Wasing Park, Reading

  • 8km loop
  • A varied and exciting trail with stunning scenery

You don’t need to be worried about getting bored or needing to keep your mind busy on this trail!

Setting off over that start line with hundreds of like-minded adventurous thrill seekers, one of the first landmarks you’ll come across is the ancient 15th century Church of St Nicholas. Top HEINEKEN Endure24 Fan? Potential future wedding venue?

As you meander along the course you’ll soon be heading in to Wasing Wood. Once out of the weird and wonderful woods why not reward yourself with a cold refreshing beveragino whilst taking in the  panoramic views of Paices Wood lake that will make you soon forget the smidge of a hill that is, the ‘Heartbreak Hill’.

Dust off those tutu’s in your dressing up cupboards. You’re about to indulge in the fantastical Fairy Forest before reaching the end of the 8km loop. Was it a dream? Was it real?

And this is only a proportion of what you’ll experience at HEINEKEN Endure24 Reading! You’ll have to come and see for yourself what we mean…

A map of the HEINEKEN Endure24 Course

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