Updated registration systems for 2023

Race News

We had a fantastic turn-out for HEINEKEN Endure24 2022 in both Reading and Leeds and are excited to be able to launch and start filling the places again for next year.

We have learned a lot since taking over the registration systems of the event and we have also received lots of helpful suggestions for improvements.

As a result, we have updated the registration systems and ticket pricing to make it as simple as possible for everyone. Where feedback showed differing opinions we have gone with the majority and we hope these changes make things simpler for you to sign up for another cracking year in 2023!

An updated pricing system

Due to a string of factors affecting the entire events industry, the costs of delivering HEINEKEN  Endure24 have increased by over 30% from pre-pandemic levels. We have been able to offset some of this with the fantastic support of sponsors and charity partners. We have also looked at all other ways of keeping the pricing low for as many people as possible to ensure the weekend remains great value for money.

One of the ways, which also came up in feedback from runners, was making it cheaper to enter the larger the team.

Each team, regardless of size, takes up the same allocation of space on the course. By offering laddered pricing we can ensure the sustainability of the event without adding more runners to the course. The new pricing for 2023 is as follows:

  • Solo: £115
  • Pair: £95pp
  • Small Team: £85pp
  • Large team: £75pp
  • XL Fun Team: £65pp

We have frozen booking fees for this year at £3.50pp for all team members and these will be paid for at registration by the Team Captain.

We want to raise more for Alzheimer’s Research UK

Limited numbers of places reserved for Alzheimer’s Research UK Fundraisers

It was fantastic having Alzheimer’s Research UK come on board and cheer everyone around the track in 2022. We will be holding a limited number of discounted places back for solos and teams raising money for this incredible cause in 2023.

If you would like to secure one of these places all you need to do is pay a reduced fee of £25 per team member to enter, or £40 if you are a solo runner, and then commit to raise £250 each.

A simplified registration system for Teams and Extras

Team captains will secure your team places

Up until 2021, it was the responsibility of Team Captains to pay to secure their team places. We changed this to a system where each individual team member paid for their place in 2022 to fit with our registration platform. However, this caused significant issues with team management and processing, so we are reverting to the previous simpler model.

This puts the onus on Team Captains to judge how big a team to enter. However, there are a few things we are doing to minimise financial risk for them.

Team captains can increase the size of their team up until when places are sold out.

Team Captains can add team members by contacting the Endure team directly so that they can make the change to your profile and to process the additional payment. Unfortunately this cannot be done on the reg platform. Once processed, the Team Captain will then be able to send additional invites to new Team members via the Registration platform.

If as a team jumps up a whole category (i.e from small to large team), they will benefit from the reduced team rate per team members. It will then be the Team Captain’s responsibility to collect the money from their new team member(s) and to re-distribute any savings.

The best thing to do is lock in your team size early, but we will alert Team Captains when spaces are running out to ensure they have the chance to increase the sizes of Teams if they need to.

It will be free for a Team Captain to change participants within your team

If someone in your team drops out, then you can add the new team member through the Registration platform up until two weeks before the event. This is called a Participant Transfer.

After this date, we will still be able to make changes, but we will do it on-site up until 11am on the Saturday of the race. This will avoid the worry of late confirmations in the final days before the event.

There will be no charges for participant transfers but we can’t guarantee t-shirts and medal for registrations made after the 2 week out deadline.

Solo places and whole teams can defer between years

You will be able to defer a whole team or a solo place from one year to another as many times as you like. There will be no upfront admin fee but admin fees will apply when you claim the deferred place once the next year’s event has launched. We can’t offer a deferral in the final 2 weeks as we will have committed all our costs, but you will be able to transfer your place to someone else free of charge.

Unfortunately, we are not able to defer individuals within a team to another year due to the complexity of managing this within the team structures. However, by having free transfers to replacement team members up until the day of the race we hope this minimises the risk of empty places.

Extras can be bought through the Registration platform by all team members

During or after registration, individual team members can buy the following extras without any involvement of the Team Captain

  • Supporter passes
  • Offset carbon from your journey to and from the event
  • Optional donation to Alzheimer’s Research UK
  • Yoga

Supporter passes are simplified

As the event has grown, it has become more important to ensure a contribution from supporters to avoid passing additional costs onto the runners. Our system for this is simpler for 2023.

We are removing supporter parking passes. Instead, supporter passes will just be in two categories both of which include parking:

  • Supporter pass excluding camping: This gives you access to the Event Village on all three days but not overnight
  • Supporter pass including camping: This gives you access to the Event Village and also the chance to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday nights

Pricing is as follows and we will check these passes on entry and exit to the Event Village throughout the weekend.

Adult Child Adult & 2 kids Under 5s
Supporter exc. Camping £7.50 £4 £12.50 Free
Supporter inc. Camping £15 £8 £25 Free

No passes required for drop-off and pick up

If you have a supporter dropping you off or coming to help you set up in the camping field before leaving the site, they will not need a parking permit or supporter pass.

However, they won’t be able to enter the Event Village area.

Free entry to the Event Village for supporters from 11.00am Sunday

If you have someone coming to cheer you over the line or collect you, they will be able to access the Event Village for the final part of the event for free.