Alpine Run Project

It’s a new wellness movement fuelled by an empowering youth community who advocate for the role running in nature can have on your wellbeing. It develops your leadership capabilities as you make the transition into adulthood, broadening your horizons through exposure to inspirational people and places.

This project started in March 2023, was initiated by John McAvoy and designed by Youth Beyond Borders with the vision to get 100,000 young people out in nature through the sport of trail running. 

The Alpine Run Project will take young people on transformative journeys as they remove barriers and provide access for young people to develop socially and athletically through building positive relationships with inspirational people, in the community and sports industries. 

Endure 24 offers the perfect opportunity for participants to engage in an effective team bonding activity which takes place outdoors, in nature. The young people will be challenged to go beyond their perceived limits and strengthen their relationships with teammates – another intended outcome for their ARP journey.

“From the Peaks, to the Streets”