Black Girls Do Run UK

Black Girls Do Run UK (BGDRUK) is an England Athletics affiliated London based running club/family founded by Tasha Thompson in 2019 and run by a committed team of women runners Linda Agyemang, Sacha Lumley, Ann-Marie Kennedy and Celeste Stevens.

BGDRUK is both an online and in-person community platform to show that everyday regular black women do and can run. Our goal for the community is to motivate more UK based black women to run. The aim is to create a safe space that enhances the representation of regular black women to run for enjoyment, friendship, health reasons and be rewarded for their efforts by taking part in races.

Many women from the Black Girls Do Run UK community took part in Race to The Stones in 2023 and loved it so much and discovered that ‘More is in you’  is a true to life quote and will be taking on new Threshold challenges for 2024.

We are delighted to partner with the Threshold Trail Series and are excited to help them increase participation levels for women, especially those from ethnically diverse backgrounds.  We are especially looking forward to new challenges, Endure 24 and the challenge of running and supporting each other for a whole 24 hours and we are loving the 50:50 campaign for Race to The King and are looking forward not only to a new challenge but to making a difference to the start line of ultras.