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Align on an award winning series, at the heart of an active lifestyle trend


Be an Event or Series Partner 

We offer two main ways to partner on the event, which we tailor to your objectives.

  • Event partner in designated category e.g. automotive, technology
  • Brand partner through Value in Kind relationship e.g. sampling

Connecting you to a valuable audience

Our Trails are at the heart of an active lifestyle trend. We can take you through our demographics to explore any synergy.

  • Near 50/50 gender split, with ages ranging from 17 – 80
  • Unique live audience dwell time of 30+ hours
  • Highly engaged year round comms and touch points

Benefit from commercial and live event rights

  • Live event branding/activation
  • E-comms and social media content
  • FOC participant places for internal use
  • Bespoke marketing material

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Be a Charity Partner 

Be an official partner and enjoy a host of partner rights, including the promotion of your charity. Alternatively, you can choose to part fund places for your supporters.

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