LifeJacket Skin Protection

Official Skin Protection Provider 

The LifeJacket story began with personal setback.  We were three healthy young men, who thought we were indestructible. But then, several friends – all young and healthy – were hit by cancer. One of them was Jono, our co-founder.

This inspired us to set-up LifeJacket with the single vision of halting the increase in skin cancer – THE world’s most common cancer and, unlike other cancers, one that’s 90% preventable. In the UK, rates have doubled since the 90s and they’re forecast to double again over the next 20 years.

LifeJacket is an active, outdoors brand for men and women who are uncompromising about the kit they use. We want to inspire people who love to be outdoors to protect their skin every day, be healthy and do what they love. Check out their top tips for skin protection

Developed and made in the UK with industry experts, our high performance wash bars, anti-chafe, moisturisers, sunscreens and UPF apparel are used and stress-tested by pro athletes, Olympians, sports teams, the military and everyday folk (like us).

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