Run Talk Run

Run Talk Run is a community of people who run and walk to benefit their mental health, created by Jess Robson and powered by the charity, Sport in Mind.  Through her own mental health journey, Jess realised that running was the one thing that consistently helped support her.  She wanted to extend that experience to others and RTR was born.

Our aim is to continue to provide free, safe and supportive spaces for anyone who may be experiencing ill mental health.  Our peer led weekly 5k run and walk groups are provided by a wonderful team of volunteers who want to support their local community.

There is no shortage of people who can benefit from RTR, so our goal is to keep growing to help as many people as possible.

Endure 24 provide an amazing opportunity for runners, both individual and teams to work together to take on a difficult challenge.

The structure of the race makes it very accessible to everyone regardless of fitness and running experience level which very much aligns to our ethos at RTR.  We don’t focus on speed; we welcome everyone and adjust our runs to make sure everyone is included.  We feel this is part of our shared DNA with Endure 24.