Team Captain How To Guide


There are many different roles people play in a good Endure24 team.  The investigator, the administrator, the strategist, the camping expert, the joker… However, there is 1 role that is more important than all the others, the Team Captain who gets you all signed up! In 2023 we took on feedback and moved back to a system where the Captain books and pays for all team members. We have made this process as simple and low-risk as possible as explained in the step-by-step guide below: 

Work out how many people you would like in your team

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly yet as you can always add more team members later if there are spaces left in the event.

Decide on your all-important Team Name

Just bear in mind you will need to say it out loud at registration and there may be children around…

Book your Team’s place for as little as £100

Head to the website to book your team’s place and make the most of our £100 deposit scheme which runs until March. Last deposit scheme payments will be taken up until the 5th March 2024 and the remainder of payments will be taken on the 31st March 2024. 

Send registration links to your team

Follow the steps in your confirmation email to send registration links out to your team members so they can get signed up.

Check out the how-to video on inviting team members HERE.

Make any final adjustments

We know people are more changeable than ever so you can also do the following online up to 2 weeks before the event via the MyEvents Portal:

  • Switch team members 
  • Transfer between teams 
  • Add additional team members 
  • Update the size of your team to make sure you’re in the right category on race day

You can still make these changes up until the morning of the event itself, but it needs to be done at the event Info desk if changes made within the last two weeks. 

We know it can be hard herding a team into action. For that reason, we salute all Team Captains. 


Without you, there is no Endure24.  

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