How far will you go in 2023?

You’ve signed up for a truly epic challenge! Time to get your mind and body prepared with our full support plan.

Our brand new Participant Hub is where you will find everything you need to best prepare for this summer. Check it out now to find the following:

  • Team Captain Guide for instructions on how to make team changes
  • Edit your registration information on MyEvents Portal
  • Access to your essential kit list

We’ll be updating the hub content monthly and you can also keep up to date by joining the community on our Facebook Forum and the socials at the bottom of the e-mail.

What’s coming up next…
  • March: Payment is taken for teams who have upgraded their team size
  • April: Order your Official Event Merchandise, book event photos, book yoga and stretching sessions, upgrade to onsite glamping and more!
  • 4 Weeks to go: Get up to speed with all the essential event information on the Participant Hub including the Event Booklet
  • 3 Weeks to go: Parking and arrival information sent to Captains
  • 2 Weeks to go: Registration closes and bookings for supporter passes close *After this point all team changes or supporter pass purchases must be made at the Information Desk on the event.
  • 1 Week to go: Event photo codes received
  • 72 hours pre-event: Final admin checks!

Kind regards,

The Endure24 Team