Mizuno Endure24 NHS 24 Hour Challenge

The Mizuno Endure24 NHS 24 Hour Challenge is an opportunity for Endure24 participants, friends, family and other runners to take part in a virtual Endure24 over the Endure24 weekend (13th & 14th June). The challenge is free to enter but we are asking those taking part to make a donation to the NHS Charities Together fund via our Just Giving page.

A key part of the challenge is the social media aspect which we will be managing from our Endure24 Control Room for the whole 24 hours. Please read the race guides above for full details.

You can take part in the following categories –

  1. Individual or single runners – these are runners who would like to run at one or more of the 24 time slots available. We will be listing runners by their start time (if you have more than one start time you will be listed in each one).
  2. Solo Ultra runners looking to achieve a distance either within the boundary of their home, or possibly now exercise measures have been relaxed, on a loop of their choice. It is entirely up to you how many laps/loops you do. Within this category there is also the opportunity to join the 100-mile club and receive the 100-mile club t-shirt (let us know by e-mail if you are attempting the 100 miles).
  3. Team runners – teams of 2 to 24 runners who will run in several or possibly all 24-hour time slots and handover virtually over social media or WhatsApp. Team members register using the link at the top of this page.  Team Captains use the Team Spreadsheet link at the top of this page to list team members and start times and then e-mail it to us at endure24@racesolutions.co.uk

How to join in –

  • Read the race guides to help you decide which category you would lke to join.
  • Choose your category, solo (ultra runners and 100 milers), team (any size) or individual and register using the links at the top of the page
  • Individual runners select one or more start times on the hour from 12pm Saturday until 12pm Sunday (teams and solos start at 12pm Saturday 13th).
  • Pledge a registration fee of £5 or more using the link at the top of this page.
  • Post your message, video clips, photos and tiktok’s in the official Endure24 Facebook Chat Group, on the Endure24 Instagram Page or Tweet using the #Endure24 & #Endure24NHS

Challenge Notes

There are no set rules, the challenge is about getting together virtually and having fun over the Endure24 weekend (we felt it would be more social to join both Leeds and Reading together) and raise funds for the NHS Charities Together. Team captains please remind all your team members to make a donation using the link at the top of this page.

You can organise your participation in any way that works for you but please read the race guides prior to the event as they contain very important information relating to route choice. Please join in the social media aspect so that everyone taking part can see what you are up to.

Social Media

We will open our virtual control room at 11.00am Saturday 13th June and it will remain open until 1.00pm Sunday 14th June. Essentially, we will be at our laptops for 26 hours (apart from when we are running) monitoring everyone’s progress. 

We will be posting everyone’s name ahead of their start time, it would be great if you could send in a photo too (ideally in an Endure24 top) so we can pop it up during your run! If you have any good stories ahead of the event about your challenge please send them in. You can book an alarm call and send stories/photos by e-mailing us using the link at the bottom of this page.

We are using the Endure24 Chat Group as the main virtual meeting point as this will allow you to post your stories, pictures, encouragement and virtual handovers (teams) to a page that everyone can see. We want to see your photos i.e. race prep, start and finish, support crew, kids, garden camping etc etc. The more you post the more fun it will be for everyone.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/121047721896851/

Instagram #endure24 #endure24nhs #ReachBeyond #MizunoUK https://www.instagram.com/endure24uk/

Twitter @endure24uk https://twitter.com/Endure24uk

Mizuno Endure24 Reading & Leeds 2020 has been re-scheduled due to COVID19, please read our latest statement for more details.

The Multi Award Winning Mizuno Endure24 Reading 11th/13th June & Leeds 2nd – 4th July 2021

Bramham Park, Wetherby nr Leeds is the beautiful Yorkshire home of Endure24 North. The gently undulating 5 mile route is on hard packed trails and runs along treelined avenues, past temples, follys and open pastures.

The original Endure24 has its home in Wasing Park near Reading. The stunning running route passes through Wasing Forest with it’s lakes, woodland glades and the infamous Heartbreak Hill. Check out our 2019 Reading film above.

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