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Endure 24 is a twenty four hour race run over a 5 mile loop of forest trails. It takes place in the scenic Wasing Park Estate, Aldermaston near Reading.


Free camping, showers, 24 hour catering, 24 hour massage, entertainment and beautiful surroundings give it an exciting festival feel. It’s Glastonbury for runners (but with clean loos).


5 minute milers or 15 minute milers everyone is welcome, compete as an individual, pair or team of 3 to 8 runners. Experienced Ultra runners and endurance virgins are equally welcome.


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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our little party in Wasing Park it was lovely to meet you all -  We booked Glastonbury weekend again for 2015  but we may reconsider that now!


You were all awsome! see you next year.